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Tips to select your wedding colors

Wedding planning is tough. Picking your color palette shouldn't have to be. This is why we show you how to choose your event colors so it is easier for you to make the rest of your decisions. In case you didn't know, picking the right colors for your event, will play a huge role in designing your event. Such as knowing what dress to buy, how to decorate venues, choosing stationery, and create a cohesive theme. Your theme colors will set the mood for the day, so you want to get it right. And you if do it early, you can smooth out the planning process. Here’s a “how to choose a wedding color guide” for you!

Consider the season

You don’t have to follow a trend if you don’t feel like it. But some colors are natural enhancers for each season like you’ll see.


Fall is arguably the most beautiful season of the year. In choosing colors, get inspired by the red, orange, and then yellow colorful leaves. Look at the warm and vibrant color of the environment. Think about the rich jewel tones of the landscape. Ripe, and tastier fruits, foods, and the lively countryside.

Popular fall combinations

  • Blush, frost, and boysenberry are calm, romantic, and have rich fall colors for Bohemian weddings.

  • Pineapple, charcoal grey, and Cardinal red is a bubbly plus laid back combo for industrial-chic weddings.

  • Hunter green, orange, and brown are luxurious, lush, and energetic for a country wedding theme.

  • For a nautical or beachy setting, hot maroon, cameo pink, and Aegean blue is the perfect combo.

  • Silver, beige, and dove gray is a whimsical combo for the perfect fall wedding.


The winter season is a calm and cold one. But you can bring some fire with Marsala, Aubergine, and a bright red combo. Winter is cold yet stunning. Natural elements like a fluffy white blanket of snow can make a panoramic picturesque. The blazing orange, red, and blue cozy fires and colorful veggies with fruits keep you inspired. You can also draw inspiration from winter blooms like roses, orchids, French tulips, mini gerberas, gardenias, Casablanca lilies, and more.

Popular Winter Color Combinations

  • For a classic wedding theme, black, gold, and ivory is a perfect blend.

  • Peach and forest green with a metallic accent will fit a rustic chic theme.

  • Marigold, cream, and turquoise is a serene yet powerful palette fit for whimsical a wedding.

  • And for the boho or waterside wedding, white and dusty blue or indigo and orchid combos are perfect.


Spring is the best season for outdoor weddings. You can get inspired to choose colors from the clear blue skies. Think about the bright days, blooming bulbs, and budding tree leaves. The earth also gives off rich tones as it thrives, creating ethereal palettes.

Popular Spring Color Combinations

  • For a magical and elegant wedding with rustic quality, work around a dusty blue and white color palette.

  • The light pink, white, and ice blue combo is great for rustic, vintage, and modern elegant themes.

  • Green and coral is a refreshing and vibrant combo for country chic and outdoor wedding styles.

  • The delicate gold and mint combo is a classic and refined choice for the timeless couple.


The fiery vibrant sunshine during the day and Tetrazzini sunset is a glorious color inspiration. The sun transfers energy to everything, bringing them to life. Also, look at calm water, budding flowers, and bleached leaves. There’s so much in summer nature to tickle your fancy.

Popular summer color combinations

  • Sage and poppy is a warm yet serene combo that lends credence to tropical tones and leafy motifs.

  • Green, white, and gold is a summer color combination for the classy, neutral, and glam color palette.

  • Cream, classic blue, and grey is both a romantic and hypnotic combination.

  • Orange, pineapple, and pale pink is a vibrant sorbet sweet combo for a playful or bohemian theme.

  • And for every kind of outdoor wedding theme, embrace lilac and lavender combo.

Consider the venue

The layout of your wedding venue determines the kind of colors to choose from. Is your wedding outdoors or natural? Then choose colors that blend into the surroundings and not compete with it. Go for earthly tones, bold or bright palettes. If you’re working on an ornate indoor venue, embrace neutrals and pastels. These tones enhance the aesthetic presentation. But if the venue is bare, then you can do your magic by assembling your colors from scratch.

Consider accessibility

Before you decide on your final color palette, you should make some research. Some of your favorite hues may not be easily found. So you have to look at your choice flowers to ensure that your colors are available. Know how to choose linen colors for curtains and tables by checking textiles. Check for hues available in stationery card stock, decorative accents, and accessories. Also, check real weddings and look out for color combos that appeal to you. Judge them based on cohesion, photograph compatibility, accessibility, and personal style.

Consider the style you are going for

It’s not cast in stone that one must go buy specific colors for a wedding style. But some wedding styles must have a touch of specific colors to pull them off through seasons.

  • Romantic Shades of pink, blue, and ivory.

  • Vintage Gold, turquoise, light blue, cantaloupe, apricot, moss, and honeydew.

  • Whimsical or Boho Yellow, blush, white, salmon, daffodil, mohair, and muted neutrals.

  • Modern Contemporary Shades of blue, red, green, neutrals, and metallic.

  • Rustic Country Jewel tones, greenery, grey, lavender, champagne, and hazelnut.

  • Garden Lavender, green, blush, coral, peach, yellow, and pastels.

  • Southern Golden pumpkin, navy blue, green, ivory, and gold.

  • Classic Formal Black, white, pink, blush, and grey.

  • Nautical Sea glass blue, coral, fuchsia, navy, and silver.

  • Eco-Natural Olive, mint, sage, emerald, and grayed jade.

  • Tropical Teal, Purple, Green, Silver, Beige, and orange.

  • Christmas Shades of red, brown, green, neutrals, and gold.

Consider your skin tones

Some colors look better than others on your skin tone. When choosing wedding colors, consider how they complement your skin tone. Let’s look at them in categories.

Light For light-skinned beauties; ivory color best complements your skin tone, others may make you look pale. The best textiles for this color are lace and crepe. Build around it by incorporating pastel metallic Champagne, pale pink, and taupe. Add one vibrant color for some life.

Medium Beauties with pink and gold undertones will look stunning in champagne and blush colors. Buy these colors in lace, tulle, chiffon, and organza textiles. Build around them with taupe, greyish green, greenery, and gold for an ultra-romantic look.

Dark While paler skin tones will be quite subdued, dark or olive skin tones will shine through in diamond white. Source this color in satin and crepe, while you go minimal on accents. Build around the color with bright coral, sorbet hues, blush pink, and buttercream yellow. Together, they look effortlessly chic.

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