Bring Pzazz to your dessert buffet by ordering Sweet "Baked" Delights! These delicious suckers will refresh your guests and have them "oo-ing" and "ahahh-ing" at your display.


Our sweet baked delights can be ordered in several ways. We package them on a dessert tray,  or as mini-hors d'oeuvres in special acrylic designs so you can arrange them yourself on any gorgesous trays you own. We recommend 3-tier or 5-tier trays as they will bring a height and 3-D dimension to your decor.0

In case, you don't own a specialty tray, you are welcome to rent ours for a fee.


When ordering our stylish fruity arrangements, please tell us your party size and the types of products you would like to see. Special or custom requests are welcome, just contact us and representative will be happy to assist you.

Sweet "Baked" Delights

  • For parties of 100 and above, we recommend that you order the dessert table package. This package comes with complementary furniture, linens and assorted fruit displays. Each fruit display will be presented in a acrylic, gold or silver platter, depending the type of fruit decor you have opted for