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Design is the first phase of event management. We collect the necessary information from our clients to help select the perfect venue and design the ultimate program. We choose the most appropriate vendors and conduct additional research if the client selects custom options for this program.

At this stage, we build the production timeline of all the pre-event, event, and post-event activities. We identify the perfect logistic scenario and anticipate any issues, delays, and challenges. We build a contingency plan around it. Then we communicate this timeline to our partners and ensure everyone can deliver accordingly. 

On the eve of every event and during, we coordinate everyone's activities efficiently and in harmony. We are the maestros of our symphony. We ensure the event design is respected and that the program goes on according to schedule. We despise lateness and make sure our clients and partners honor the timing.

As seasoned event designers, we do our best to prevent any issues and challenges. We partner with highly-rated vendors, select reputable venues, and hire talented employees. However, events can produce negative surprises, so we always have a contingency plan in store. This plan includes an additional budget to cushion any pitfall, event insurance, and lead time to mitigate delays.

Excellent customer service is our #1 priority. As a result, clients who have opted for special events packages receive complimentary consulting benefits. Clients who haven't bought an event package can receive a discount on consulting benefits.

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